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Ecological Mind

Our Villas have been designed with purpose: to satisfy our quality requirements and to minimise the ecological impact of our Villas, while offering a unique and luxurious experience for our guests.

A thoughtful interior

Our first concern was to use a bamboo roof, which combines natural material with ecological treatment and many design possibilities. 

This Bamboo roof was our focal point around which we would then design the Villa you see today.

For interior design, we decided to avoid all single-use materials.

We chose to let you discover how many possibilities one has for limiting ones impact while living in comfort.

To reduce our carbon footprint and support local businesses, all furniture and elements of the Villas are bought directly from local craftsmen and manufacturers.



Our main desire was to let you discover the great diversity of Thai herbs, plants and trees of southern Thailand.


Take the time to slow down and explore our garden and its Thai aromatic herbs.


 The diversity of vines, herbs, shrubs and trees in our garden invites a rich community of pollinators, from butterflies to sunbirds, creating a calming and enchanting experience while also contributing to the resilience of the surrounding ecosystem.

We use well water and collected rain to irrigate and we compost to enrich the soil and feed the plants.

We’ve made great efforts to retain tree cover to increase natural shade and contribute to an earthly ambiance that embodies our idea of luxury.

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